HEAD15 RPE/CSRE Working Rescue Breathing Apparatus

15 minutes wearer protection at a higher breathing rate for cell snatch rescue
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Lightweight, reliable and quick to fit protection for rescue or working

The HEAD15 Cell Snatch Rescue Breathing Apparatus has been designed specifically to provide protection to those working in prisons, detention and immigration centres to maintain safe and decent regimes. It provides 15 minutes wearer protection at a higher breathing rate and protects from hazardous working environments including illegal substances, ammonia, oxygen deficiency and smoke.

It is lightweight, quick and easy to don and as it is head mounted, the wearer is not constrained with a cylinder or bag across their body as they are with conventional compressed air breathing apparatus. HEAD15 RPE/CSRE Breathing Apparatus provides very high levels of protection due to the latex neck seal and moulded oronasal mask to achieve an excellent face seal. These features negate the need for a fit test to be done.

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Key features of the HEAD15 RPE/CSRE Working Rescue Breathing Apparatus

  • Maintenance free for 12 years with revalidation at 6 & 9 years
  • Lower through life costs compared to conventional compressed air escape sets
  • Lightweight - (3kg) - head worn only
  • Quick and easy to don - no face fit test required
  • Panoramic visor for maximum vision
  • Automatic start - instant oxygen supply
  • 15 minute duration with in-built safety alarm
  • Complies with EN13794 - PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 - ATEX Directive 94/9/EC
  • Part No. 802.001.20

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About the HEAD15 RPE/CSRE Working Rescue Breathing Apparatus

The revolutionary design of HEAD15 RPE/CSRE Breathing Apparatus provides a safe and constant supply of oxygen. As soon as the unit is removed from its packaging the oxygen supply is automatically activated by a chlorate starter candle that boosts the initial oxygen supply directly into the breathing bag. As the wearer exhales, their breathe is passed through canisters, positioned either side of the head, that contain potassium superoxide (KO2). This absorbs the wearer’s CO2 and liberates oxygen that is then delivered to the wearer. The more the wearer breathes, the more oxygen is generated.

HEAD15 RPE/CSRE Breathing Apparatus is sealed in a container that incorporates an indicator providing a constant visual awareness of the unit’s integrity and condition. This system allows the unit to be stored for up to 12 years with no maintenance except for an inspection at 6 and 9 years respectively.

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"During the early stages of the pandemic, Semmco LPS provided exceptional support to us, maintaining a responsive and speedy refurbishment programme for the HEAD CSRE sets that we used."
Patrick Morris, HM Prison & Probation Service, June 2020
Thank you Semmco LPS, we sent some CSRE Sets for urgent refurbishment and got them back very quickly. Really appreciated.
Dan Spencer, Contract Services Support & Fire Liaison Officer, Serco Justice & Immigration
"We compared the HEAD10 to our previous escape breathing apparatus. The cost saving and less cumbersome design made it very appealing. If we needed to use it, I have full confidence in the simplicity of this device and it enabling a safe and efficient escape."
Centrica Energy, Shaun O’Connor, Operations Technician
Product Support FAQs
What’s the difference between Escape and Working/Rescue sets?

The main difference between the escape and working/rescue sets is the breathing rate that they are tested to, to define their rated duration.  Working/rescue sets are tested at 50 L/min and escape sets are tested at 35 L/min. When selecting the set that you require a suitable risk assessment by a competent person should be completed that will define whether you need an escape (move from/through the hazard to safety) set or a working/rescue (go into a hazard to complete work or rescue) set.
Visually the Semmco HEAD sets are provided in an orange carry case for escape sets and a blue carry case for working/rescue sets. The EEBD escape sets are provided in an orange case.

Are there instructions or videos showing how to don and doff the sets?

Yes there are videos on the website that show how to don and doff both the HEAD Sets and the EEBD Sets. Follow this link to see the donning and doffing instructions for the HEAD range and this link to see the donning and doffing instructions for the EEBD range.

Do I need to have face fit testing for the HEAD Set’s?

No it is not required.

How can you carry and store the sets for emergency use?

The HEAD range is supplied in a sturdy carry case that can be carried over the shoulder, via belt loops or stored in an accessible area within a facility or vehicle.
The EEBD Marine has been specifically designed to fit into existing storage brackets or stowage areas onboard ships. The family of EEBD’s can be stored in a wall bracket, we can supply these to you. There is an inbuilt shoulder strap that can be used. If the EEBD is to be carried on a regular bases optional extra carrying solutions can be purchased, please contact us to discuss what is the best for your application.