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The Semmco LPS product range is particularly suitable for use across the water industry.
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Semmco LPS has been supplying the HEAD Escape Breathing Apparatus to several Water Authorities across the UK for many years but the Semmco EEBD 20 minute escape set is also suitable for this sector. Our customers recognise the benefits of providing an escape set that is quick to don and simple to use but, has almost no through life costs associated with it.

As escape sets are, thankfully, rarely used, the very minimal costs associated with the maintenance of the HEAD Escape Sets is a welcomed bonus for our customers.

  • Range of Escape and Working Rescue Breathing Apparatus
  • Quick and easy to don - no bulky cylinder to carry
  • 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes duration depending on requirement
  • HEAD products - 12 year shelf life with revalidation at 6 and 9 years respectively
  • HEAD - tried and tested by a number of Water Authorities across the UK
  • EEBD - 15 year shelf life; one off use
  • No fit test required

HEAD Escape and Working Rescue Breathing Apparatus

The range of HEAD Escape and Working Rescue Breathing Apparatus includes a 10, 15 and 30 minute escape set and a 15 minute working rescue set depending on the nature of the emergency. These head-worn designs provide a safe and constant supply of oxygen for the wearer so that they can escape or affect a rescue from a contaminated or toxic atmosphere. The sets incorporate a unique alarm system so that the wearer knows the exact remaining duration of the device to enable them to complete a safe escape.
The working rescue sets provide a higher flow rate to support the wearer while they work in or rescue someone from a contaminated or oxygen deficient environment.

The HEAD sets are very easy to don and because they are head worn, they enable the wearer to move freely and make an effective escape.

The range of HEAD devices are certified for 12 years, with re-validations required a 6 and 9 years respectively. This is a visual check that is easy to carry out by checking the indicator on the carry bag.

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Semmco EEBD - Emergency Escape Breathing Device

The Semmco EEBD Industrial is a 20 minute, single use, emergency escape device. It is a self-contained, short duration, chemical oxygen (O2) breathing apparatus that provides a supply of fresh oxygen so that the wearer can breathe freely, ensuring a quick and safe escape.
It is contained in a small hard carry case that can be waist mounted or carried in a shoulder bag and when required is quick and simple to don, providing the wearer with up to 20 minutes oxygen supply.
The Semmco EEBD is certified for 15 years and during that time requires little maintenance. A visual check confirms the viability of the unit and this check can be carried out while the unit is being stored.