HEAD Working Rescue Breathing Apparatus

To provide respiratory protection when working in or rescuing from a contaminated environment
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The HEAD working rescue breathing apparatus protects those working and/or carrying out a rescue in a hazardous and/or life threatening environment.

The HEAD15 Working Rescue and HEAD CSRE (Cell Snatch Rescue Equipment) Breathing Apparatus provide 15 minutes wearer protection at a higher breathing rate for rescue or working in smoke, toxic contamination and oxygen deficiency.

Both models enable a simple, effective and safe means of working/rescue and each design includes a unique, in-built personal safety alarm system that is a key feature across the range.

HEAD Working Rescue Breathing Apparatus sets are lightweight, quick and easy to don and as they are head mounted, the wearer is not constrained with a cylinder or bag across their body.  They provide very high levels of protection due to the non-allergenic latex neck seal and moulded oronasal mask to achieve an excellent face seal.  These features negate the need for a face fit test to be done.

The revolutionary design of the HEAD range provides a safe and constant supply of oxygen.  As soon as the working/rescue set is removed from its packaging the oxygen supply is automatically activated by a chlorate starter candle that boosts the initial oxygen supply directly into the breathing bag. As the wearer exhales, their breathe is passed through canisters, positioned either side of the head, that contain potassium superoxide (KO2).  This absorbs the wearer’s CO2 and liberates oxygen that is then delivered to the wearer.  The more the wearer breathes, the more oxygen is generated.

The HEAD Working Rescue Breathing Apparatus is sealed in a container that incorporates an indicator providing a constant visual awareness of the unit’s integrity and condition.  This system allows the unit to be stored for up to 12 years with no maintenance except for an inspection at 6 and 9 years.

The HEAD CSRE Set has been developed specifically to provide protection for prison and detention centre officers and police cell teams during cell snatch rescue procedures for more than 10 years.