Escape and working rescue breathing apparatus

To protect those working in environments that could become hazardous and life threatening.
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Those working in confined spaces or potentially extreme environments can be exposed to contaminants, toxic gases and an oxygen deficient atmosphere. These are either inherent within the confined space at the time of entry, or are introduced while the workers are in the space. In these situations, the provision of escape or working/rescue breathing apparatus is essential.

Semmco LPS has designed and manufacturers a range of escape and working rescue devices specifically for use in a variety of sectors where this type of environment can be commonplace. Depending on your requirement and the outcome of your risk assessment you can select which of our products is best suited for your requirements. Click on the products listed below or visit our Sectors page.

You can also compare our range of escape and working rescue breathing apparatus to ensure you choose the right product for the job.  Click here to see our Product Selection Chart.