EEBD Storage Bracket

Easy and accessible storage for the EEBD range
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Storage bracket to store EEBD Marine15 or EEBD Industrial20

This Storage Bracket is designed to store the EEBD so that they can be accessed quickly and easily in an emergency while the viability indicator remains visible.

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Key features of the EEBD Storage Bracket

  • Easy to fit storage bracket
  • Holds EEBD so that viability indicator remains visible
  • Quick and easy to remove EEBD
  • Holds both EEBD Marine15 and EEBD Industrial20

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About the EEBD Storage Bracket

The EEBD Storage Bracket can be fixed to a wall in a suitable location so that it is quickly to hand in an emergency.  The EEBD slips easily into the bracket, can be removed swiftly and, when  stored, the viability indicator is still visible without having to remove the EEBD from the bracket.

The EEBD Storage Bracket can hold both versions.

Thank you Semmco LPS, we sent some CSRE Sets for urgent refurbishment and got them back very quickly. Really appreciated.
Dan Spencer, Contract Services Support & Fire Liaison Officer, Serco Justice & Immigration
"During the early stages of the pandemic, Semmco LPS provided exceptional support to us, maintaining a responsive and speedy refurbishment programme for the HEAD CSRE sets that we used."
Patrick Morris, HM Prison & Probation Service, June 2020
"We compared the HEAD10 to our previous escape breathing apparatus. The cost saving and less cumbersome design made it very appealing. If we needed to use it, I have full confidence in the simplicity of this device and it enabling a safe and efficient escape."
Centrica Energy, Shaun O’Connor, Operations Technician
Product Support FAQs
How can the EEBD Industrial20 be stored so it is easily accessible?

If the EEBD Industrial20 needs to be used in a specific area, in an emergency, it can be stored in a bracket that is simply screwed to a wall.

How can the EEBD Marine15 be stored safely onboard a ship?

The storage bracket has been specifically designed to be easy to fix to a wall so that the EEBD Marine15 can be stowed in an accessible area.  It can be fixed to a wall using a stand screw and each frame will hold one ship EEBD Marine15.