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Learn more about how Semmco LPS provides easy-to-use working rescue breathing apparatus for use in Detention Centres
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Why Semmco is the preferred supplier to Detention Centres across the UK

The HEAD15 RPE/CSRE Working Rescue Breathing Apparatus has been providing protection for detention centre officers and police cell teams during cell snatch rescue procedures for more than 10 years. It is the preferred choice because it is quick and simple to don and, being head worn, it enables officers to move freely during their critical operations.

  • Maintenance free for 12 years, with revalidation at 6 & 9 years
  • Quick and easy to don - no fit test required
  • Lightweight (1.6kg) and easy to operate - only half day training required
  • Complies to EN13794 - PPE Regulation (EU)2016/425 - ATEX Directive 94/9/EC
  • Lower through life cost compared to compressed air breathing apparatus
  • Panoramic visor for maximum vision
  • Automatic start - instant O2 supply
  • 15 minute duration with in-built safety alard

HEAD RPE/CSRE Working Rescue Breathing Apparatus

The HEAD15 Cell Snatch Rescue Breathing Apparatus has been designed specifically to provide protection to those working in prisons, detention and immigration centres to maintain safe and decent regimes.  It provides 15 minutes wearer protection at a higher breathing rate and protects from hazardous working environments including illegal substances, ammonia, oxygen deficiency and smoke.

The HEAD15 CSRE Set is quick to don and easy to use.  It is head worn and therefore the wearer isn’t constrained or restricted with a cylinder or bag across their body.  The HEAD15 RPE/CSRE Working Rescue Set enables individuals to enter a hazardous environment and rescue others for up to 10 minutes with the knowledge they have an additional five minutes of breathing time to ensure a safe exit.

Detention / Immigration Centres