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Semmco Life Protection Systems provides product support and training options to complement our range ensuring those using our products do so safely and confidently so that they get the best out of the equipment.  Please select the product you are interested in to be taken to our product support areas.

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General FAQS

Can I hire an escape or working rescue set?

Yes, Semmco LPS can arrange for the escape or working rescue sets to be hired for a period of time if this is more convenient.  Please contact our sales team for further information.

How are the HEAD sets refurbished if they have been used?

If a HEAD set is used it can be refurbished by returning to Semmco LPS.  This refurbishment will includ the replacement of expired components.  Used sets should be double plastic bagged to reduce the risk of damage and returned, with their carry bag, to Semmco LPS Head Office. Our contact details can be found here.

How long can EEBD sets be stored for?

EEBD Industrial and Marine can be stored for up to 15 years. During that time, regular visual inspections should be carried out to ensure the set remains viable. The EEBD is stored in an airtight, sealed container. As long as the seal remains intact, the set will be viable. However if the seal is broken moisture could enter and this could result in the EEBD not being able to be used. An easy to see visual indicator on the storage box enables checks without removing the set from its storage point. If the visual indicator is blue the set is viable; if the visual indicator is pink the set is compromised and should not be used.

What’s the difference between Escape and Working/Rescue sets?

The main difference between the escape and working/rescue sets is the breathing rate that they are tested to, to define their rated duration.  Working/rescue sets are tested at 50 L/min and escape sets are tested at 35 L/min. When selecting the set that you require a suitable risk assessment by a competent person should be completed that will define whether you need an escape (move from/through the hazard to safety) set or a working/rescue (go into a hazard to complete work or rescue) set.
Visually the Semmco HEAD sets are provided in an orange carry case for escape sets and a blue carry case for working/rescue sets. The EEBD escape sets are provided in an orange case.

Are there instructions or videos showing how to don and doff the sets?

Yes there are videos on the website that show how to don and doff both the HEAD Sets and the EEBD Sets. Follow this link to see the donning and doffing instructions for the HEAD range and this link to see the donning and doffing instructions for the EEBD range.

How can you carry and store the sets for emergency use?

The HEAD range is supplied in a sturdy carry case that can be carried over the shoulder, via belt loops or stored in an accessible area within a facility or vehicle.
The EEBD Marine has been specifically designed to fit into existing storage brackets or stowage areas onboard ships. The family of EEBD’s can be stored in a wall bracket, we can supply these to you. There is an inbuilt shoulder strap that can be used. If the EEBD is to be carried on a regular bases optional extra carrying solutions can be purchased, please contact us to discuss what is the best for your application.

As the HEAD sets and EEBD sets contain a chemical do I need to store them carefully?

No, both the HEAD sets and the EEBD sets can be stored safely in a suitable storage location such as a cupboard, shelf or bracket. The HEAD sets are packed in a vacuum sealed bag inside the carry case. The EEBD sets are stored in a sealed, sturdy carry case.

Can I get training on how to use the products?

Yes, Semmco LPS provides both full day and half day training sessions depending on the customer’s requirement and the training can be carried out on-site or vitually via video training. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Does the training session include being able to don and doff the sets?

Yes, Semmco LPS has developed a specific training set that provides the same experience as using the ‘live’ product so that those attending the training courses can become proficient in how to don and doff both the HEAD Escape Sets and the EEBD Escape Sets and feel confident in their capabilities.