The Semmco EEBD designed specifically for use in the marine industry
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The Semmco EEBD meets all the requirements of SOLAS and the Marine Equipment Directive

For those working and living aboard ships, if they need to escape from a potentially hazardous or contaminated environment, they need to be able to rely on equipment that is easy to use and quick to don.

The Semmco EEBD has been designed to do just that. It is a simple, self contained, short duration oxygen breathing apparatus so that the wearer can breathe freely in a contaminated or oxygen deficient environment and make a safe and quick escape,

  • 15 minute duration; single use set
  • Lightweight (2kg); quick and simple to don
  • Automatic start - instant oxygen supply
  • Fits existing EEBD storage systems
  • Environmentally friendly disposal - NO lithium battery
  • 15 year shelf life
  • No fit test required

The Semmco EEBD Marine

The Semmco EEBD Marine has been specifically designed and approved for use within the marine environment to be used when crew have to make an emergency escape and the environment they are in is contaminated or oxygen deficient. The Semmco EEBD is a self-contained, short duration, chemical oxygen (O2) breathing apparatus that provides a supply of fresh oxygen so that the wearer can breathe freely, ensuring a quick and safe escape.

It is designed to fit into existing storage systems and when required is quick and simple to don, providing the wearer with up to 15 minutes oxygen supply.

The Semmco EEBD is certified for 15 years and during that time requires little maintenance. A visual check can confirm the viability of the unit and this check can be carried out while the unit is being stored. It is designed to be single use and as it contains no lithium battery, it is environmentally friendly to dispose.